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Eudora WorldMail Server
WorldMail 4.0 Features

System Requirements

Version Comparison

WorldMail Technical Support

WorldMail 4.0 Features

Wireless Email Integration

SMS push email support for major carriers

WorldMail includes push email functionality that enables subscribers to receive notification of important email messages via SMS to a cell phone.

Manageability and Ease of Administration

Mailbox Level Distributed Message Store

Previously, all messages for a specific domain resided below a single NTFS path. When a single domain becomes very large, this limits the scalability of a WorldMail cluster. Now the Administrator can specify a different location under which each subscriber's mailbox structure will reside. This location can either be set for the largest mailboxes with the others using the default NTFS path, or for every mailbox in a domain.

Easy Customization of WorldMail WebClient Buttons

Now only text fields need to be altered to change the label for any button.

Improved AlreadyRepliedTo Functionality

WorldMail 4 introduces a maximum size for the "Reply Just Once" AutoReply option to ensure that abnormally large lists do not slow the performance of the server. This property is stored very efficiently in the SQL database for customers running WorldMail SP and WorldMail LE

Traffic Counting Interface

WorldMail 3 introduced Traffic Counters which capture useful information about message throughput on the system. WorldMail 4 exposes this functionality in the WorldMail Management Center making it easy to perform regular management tasks.

Configurable SMTPDA hostname

Now administrators can specify the TCP/IP hostname to be used for each WorldMail domain, allowing hosted environments to appear as distinct domains to users and recipients.

Specify IP Address for a Domain to Relay

In order to make hosting environments better able to present themselves as their individual hosted domains, WorldMail allows the specification of a specific IP address to relay on for a given domain. Assuming that this IP address resolves as the name of the hosted domain, the remote server will be unaware that this is a hosted domain.

Domain Quotas

A maximum size can be set for an individual domain. Previously an Administrator could set a quota for each mailbox within a domainand now there is a way to cap the total storage.

New & Enhanced Anti Spam Functionality

DHAP Whitelisting

It is not unusual for subscribers to make typing or addressing mistakes when sending mails. Known subscribers can be added to the new DHAP whitelist so that they are not blocked after sending to invalid addresses. The DHAP whitelist is managed at server level from the WorldMail Management Center.

DHAP Whitelisting takes Precedence over RBL Lookups

If an IP address is known to belong to a legitimate user, the system administrator may add the address to the DHAP whitelist. When that is the case, the RBL lookup is considered unnecessary and is therefore bypassed.

Authentication Precedence over RBL Lookups

The WorldMail Administrator can now decide whether Authenticated SMTP sessions should be subject to RBL lookups. Many subscribers find themselves unfairly blocked because of their geographical location. Where this is a problem, the Administrator can decide to waive the RBL check for all authenticated subscribers.

Force SMTP Authentication for Local Delivery

The ability to force subscribers to authenticate in order to deliver mail locally was added to WorldMail in version 3. This security feature is now exposed in the WorldMail Management Center.

Improved Security and Anti-Spam Capabilities

The user interfaces for whitelisting and blacklisting have been greatly improved.

The sieve filters now support message header based whitelisting giving both administrators and subscribers the power to specify rules and actions which only apply to subscribers not on the whitelist. A typical example would be to file all messages with a high spam score to a specific folder except where the sender is whitelisted so you know that the message is not spam.

There are new dialogs in the WorldMail Management Center to support editing the whitelist and blacklist.

In WorldMail Express there are new address groups reflecting the whitelist and blacklist, allowing the end-user to easily modify their personal lists.

Sieve filtering is now performed before the old style auto forwarding, which means anti-spam protection is no longer bypassed for auto-forwards.

More Scalable and Manageable DHAP Implementation

WorldMail's Dictionary Harvest Attack Prevention has been greatly improved for all systems, and particularly for large SQL implementations. The probation list is now exposed in the WorldMail Management Center making common management and support tasks easier. The probation list is now stored efficiently in the SQL database if configured. The powerful DHAP implementation is therefore easier to manage, and more logically stored in the database than in previous versions.

The conditions which lead to the DHAP probation list being updated have been tightened to better ensure that only incorrect addresses lead to an IP address being temporarily blocked.

Configurable Spam Quarantine Auto-Purge Frequency

Previous versions of WorldMail purged subscriber's spam quarantine folders every 30 days. This time period is now configurable from within the WorldMail Management Center.

New & Enhanced Anti Virus Functionality

Anti-Virus Integration with Sieve Filters

Sieve filters can now act on the results obtained from the WorldMail Anti-Virus Filter. This gives the administrator great power and flexibility as to how to treat viruses. When configured correctly this will ensure that regardless of what aliases and auto forwards there are on the system, messages will never be delivered into a mailboxes without being scanned.

Anti-Virus Scanning Statistics

Useful statistics about the load on the WorldMail Anti-Virus Filter can optionally be gathered and displayed in the WorldMail Management Center.

Performance and Reliability

Improved SMTPDA and IMAP4A Services

SMTPDA and IMAP4A are the two most complex services in WorldMail. As such, they have been the modules most frequently patched to solve problems or remove performance bottlenecks. For WorldMail 4, there have been extensive improvements made to the quality of these important modules making the product more efficient and more robust, especially at high volumes.

The threading model of SMTPDA has been greatly improved meaning that it will make more efficient use of available system resources, handling more throughput than was previously the case.

Numerous performance improvements have been made to IMAP and as with SMTPDA, the threading model has been enhanced, leading to better throughput.


WorldMail now supports much of standard for the IMAP SORT command. This enables server side sorting of message lists on commonly used fields such as the sender, date and size. Clients that implement the SORT command will be able to perform better as the sorting load is on the server.

Improved Digest Mails

Posts to mailing lists are now amalgamated to a centralized repository. This means that a single digest is compiled system wide, containing all messages posted to that list.

The format of the digest mail has also been improved making it easier for readers to follow the thread.


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