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Eudora WorldMail Server Version Comparison Chart
Feature WM2 WM3 WM4 Description
Spam Protection
Scan all incoming messages No Yes Yes Eudora WorldMail Spam Filter is a next-generation spam blocking solution. It uses a “cocktail” approach of technologies to detect and eliminate spam. By providing end-user controls, false positives are avoided.
Heuristic analysis No Yes Yes
Pattern matching No Yes Yes
Spam definitions No Yes Yes
White lists & Black lists No Yes Yes
Enable at: System, Domain, Mailbox levels No Yes Yes
Configurable Spam Quarantine Auto-Purge Frequency No No Yes
Easy end-user management of whitelists and blacklists through new interfaces No No Yes
New server level dialogs for efficient list administration No No Yes
Flexibility in how to deal with whitelisted addresses No No Yes
Virus Protection
Scan all incoming messages No Yes Yes WorldMail comes bundled with a high performance virus-scanning engine. All incoming messages are automatically scanned before they are accepted for delivery and infected messages are immediately blocked. With the optional antivirus subscription, virus definition files are automatically updated without intervention.
Reject infected messages No Yes Yes
High-performance, real-time No Yes Yes
Enable at: System, Domain, Mailbox levels No Yes Yes
Anti-Virus Scanning Statistics No No Yes
Anti-Virus Integration with Sieve Filters No No Yes
Support for LDAP2 Yes Yes Yes The LDAP directory service allows users to search for names and addresses of other users who have mailboxes on the server.
Support for LDAP3 No Yes Yes
Windows Registry Yes Yes Yes User login data can be authenticated in several ways, allowing you to integrate existing user databases into WorldMail. Users can be authenticated against the NT user database, an ODBC database, the Emerald Radius user database, or mailbox data stored in the registry.
Windows NT Login No Yes Yes
Active Directory No Yes Yes
Radius No Yes Yes
Directory harvest attack protection No Yes Yes WorldMail includes all of the security tools required to stop attacks. In addition to the spam and virus filters, these tools include: directory harvest attack protection (DHAP), denial of service protection, authenticated SMTP, validation of addresses against the real-time blacklist, and rejection of messages by domain, IP address, or email address. These defenses are built in and automatic, saving the administrator time and effort.
Easy DHAP probation list management No No Yes
DHAP Whitelisting No No Yes
Denial-of-service protection No Yes Yes
Require reverse DNS No Yes Yes
Limit SMTP to local IP addresses Yes Yes Yes
Block specific hosts/IP addresses Yes Yes Yes
Block specific From: addresses No Yes Yes
Real Time Black Hole List No Yes Yes
Authentication Precedence over RBL Lookups No No Yes
Validate From: domain No Yes Yes
Authenticated SMTP No Yes Yes
Force SMTP Authentication for Local Delivery No No Yes
Message Store
Based on NTFS, compatible with Microsoft Windows Yes Yes Yes  
2000 or 2003 file server Yes Yes Yes
Mailbox Level Distributed Message Store No No Yes
Specify IP Address for a Domain to Relay No No Yes
Performance and Reliability
IMAP Sort No No Yes WorldMail now supports most of the standard IMAP SORT commands
Webmail (Eudora Web Client)
19 languages (double-byte) No Yes Yes A web-based interface, such as the Eudora Web Client, allows users to access their email through a web browser from any computer at any time.
Easy to brand No Yes Yes
Easy to customize No Yes Yes
Calendar, tasks & notes No Yes Yes
Personal address book No Yes Yes
Personal preferences No Yes Yes
ASP & COM architecture No Yes Yes
Easy Customization of Webclient Buttons No No Yes
Wireless Access (Eudora Connect)
WAP email client & browser No Yes Yes The Wireless Access Protocol (WAP) is the latest technology that enables access to Internet email via wireless devices. This feature allows you to access your mail from a WAP enabled device such as a mobile phone.
Folders & messages No Yes Yes
Read, move and delete No Yes Yes
Wireless Email Intergration
SMS Push No No Yes WorldMail 4 includes push email functionality that enables subscribers to receive notification of important messages via SMS to a cell phone.
Remote Management Center Yes Yes Yes WorldMail is easy to install and operate. It has been designed with the nonprofessional administrator in mind. It does not require extensive training or advanced certification in order to install and operate. This means that you don't need to employ a full time administrator just to run your email system.
Remote Web Management Yes Yes Yes
Context-sensitive help Yes Yes Yes
Multi-level logging No Yes Yes
Traffic Counting Interface No No Yes
Performance monitoring Yes Yes Yes
Log to Windows event log No Yes Yes
Log to text file Yes Yes Yes
Log to ODBC database No Yes Yes
Domain Quotas No No Yes
Migration Tools
User directory & message store importing Yes Yes Yes  
List Server
Unlimited membership Yes Yes Yes WorldMail includes a list server, which allows groups of users—such as employees, customers, and discussion groups—to easily exchange messages. A message sent to a mail list is quickly broadcast to all of its members, allowing users to distribute mail to multiple users by sending it to one email address. WorldMail's comprehensive list server features include multiple moderators, email moderation, email subscription, message size limitation, digest distributions, configurable welcome and goodbye messages, web-based message archiving, and powerful header editing macros.
Moderation via email & web Yes Yes Yes
Multiple moderators No Yes Yes
Support for DIGEST Yes Yes Yes
Configurable messages No Yes Yes
Text or ODBC membership Yes Yes Yes
Web archive No Yes Yes
Improved AlreadyRepliedTo Functionality No No Yes
Virtual Domains
Send & receive for multiple domains Yes Yes Yes You can configure a single WorldMail server to send and receive mail for multiple domains. This allows your site to host email for "virtual" domains. Mailbox names need not be unique across domains, so you can use a particular mailbox name in each domain on your server.
Associate domains with IP addresses No Yes Yes
Domain level administration Yes Yes Yes
Same name mailboxes in multiple domains Yes Yes Yes
Configurable SMTPDA hostname No No Yes
Sieve content filter scripts No Yes Yes You can extend the capability of WorldMail using agents, which are programs that are executed on individual email messages that arrive for the server, for a particular mailbox, or for a particular mail list. For example, you can use an agent to automatically forward messages to your pager if they contain the word "emergency" in the subject header. Agents are extremely flexible and allow you to build-in almost any message-processing functionality.
Server Agents No Yes Yes
Mailbox Agents No Yes Yes
Mail List Agents Yes Yes Yes


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