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Eudora WorldMail Server
WorldMail 4.0 Features

System Requirements

Version Comparison

WorldMail Technical Support

Windows® Mail Server Software

While QUALCOMM no longer sells WorldMail mail server software, it is an excellent product and can be purchased as MailSite SE from Rockliffe®. Migration from WorldMail to MailSite SE will be seamless because WorldMail is a rebranded version of MailSite SE and thus both products use exactly the same file formats.
Learn more about MailSite SE...
Visit the MailSite SE Webstore...

QUALCOMM maintains WorldMail technical support for existing customers and honors all existing commitments.


SMS wireless email notification

Web-based Email Client

Anti-Spam Security

Anti Virus Security

Anti-Virus Scanning Statistics

DHAP Whitelisting

Multi-level Admin Privileges

Message Filtering

Powerful Integrated List Server

Automatic Reply

Integrated w/ Windows Account Passwords

Virtual Domains


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