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Eudora Migration Utilities

Eudora Migration Utilities version 2.0 allows you to migrate saved e-mail, private mailing lists, public mailing lists, bulletin boards, and directory entries from cc:Mail and Netscape Navigator 3.x or later to WorldMail version 1.x or 2.x mail store. When migration is complete, you can use your old cc:Mail folders, messages, and attachments or Netscape Navigator 3.x local folders, messages, attachments, and personal address books. You can also reply to or forward migrated messages that may not have been read before migration.

Download the Eudora Migration Utilities version 2.0.

Before you install Eudora Migration Utilities, you need the following:

  • IBM PC or compatible running Windows 3.1, Windows 95, or Windows NT 3.51 or higher.
  • 2.7 MB disk space.
  • Minimum of 8MB of RAM.
  • Adequate local disk space for migrating the cc:Mail store (locally).
To convert cc:Mail archives to Eudora Pro for Macintosh, run EMU on your cc:Mail archives to convert to standard UNIX format. You can then run CRLF available from allowing you to convert migrated mailboxes from UNIX format to Mac, and vice versa.

Supported version information

Eudora Migration Utilities converts files from cc:Mail DB6 format (as used in cc:Mail release 2.x) to any of the following formats:
  • Eudora Pro version 3.0 or later for Windows or Macintosh.
  • Eudora Light version 3.0 or later for Windows or Macintosh.
*Note: If you are converting cc:Mail version 6.x or later, your cc:Mail is kept in DB8 format. You will need to save your existing mail files to DB6 format before running the Eudora Migration Utility.

There are two modes you may use to migrate mail information:

  • Multi-User Mode - migration for many users.
  • Single-User Mode - migration for a single user.
The following functions are supported in the new Eudora Migration Utility 2.0:
  • All functions in Eudora Migration Utility 1.0 have been retained in the Eudora Migration Utility 2.0.
  • Intermediate Store: Now uses QUALCOMM's WorldMail Server version 1.x or 2.x.
  • Logging: Now creates separate logs for each migration/estimation session.
  • Automatic Account Creation: Create user accounts on QUALCOMM's WorldMail Server.
  • Netscape Source: Migrate from Netscape Navigator 3.x directly to Worldmail 1.x or 2.x mail store.
  • LDIF: Write directory information to an LDIF file.
  • LDAP: Update directory information on an LDAP server.
  • Multiple Target Servers: Migrate to multiple QUALCOMM WorldMail Servers.
  • Admin Setup: Preset user defaults.
Multi-User Mode
If you are the administrator of a cc:Mail Post Office, you can use Eudora Migration Utilities' powerful multi-user mode. In this mode, you can migrate mail folders and make the necessary directory changes for some or all of the local users of a post office at the same time. Also, in multi-user mode, you can migrate public mailing lists. The migration process is self-documenting so that a full audit trail can be maintained.

Single-User Mode
In single-user mode, you, as a user, can migrate your e-mail information from cc:Mail to Eudora. Your repository of existing messages is stored in a secure proprietary Post Office on a Local Area Network (LAN) or on your mobile computer. The Post Office message format anchors you to cc:Mail and prevents you from moving on to more advanced and open e-mail systems. This migration utility helps you migrate from cc:Mail to Eudora and takes your accumulated history of cc:Mail messages with you. This means that while you use the migration utility, you still have access to your valuable message history, including attachments and text items from your old cc:Mail Inbox and folders.


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