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Eudora WorldMail Directory Resynchronization Utility

What is it?

This utility recreates the WorldMail directory. Any additions or changes you manually made to the directory will be lost.

The directory Resynch Utility should only be used by those who have damaged LDAP directories.

The new directory will only contain entries for existing WorldMail accounts. These entries will only contain the attributes: Surname, Common Name, and RFC822Mailbox.

NOTE:Your existing directory will be moved to a new directory called "DBFiles.backup". If you run this utility more than once, the prior contents of "DBFiles.backup" will be lost.

This utility also allows you to change the company name or country for your WorldMail installation. This should not be done lightly.

Download Version 1.0 beta 4 11/4/99 (DirResynch.exe, ~948K)


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