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Vacation Auto-Replies (Windows)

Combining the Stationery and Filters features in Eudora, you can set up Eudora to auto-respond to a message with another message. These are commonly called Vacation Messages or Auto-Replies.

NOTE: Your computer must be turned on and Eudora must be running for the instructions to work. Eudora will not check and/or send mail if it's not running or if your computer is turned off.

Create the stationery file.

Step 1

Create a stationery file that says what you want the recipients to receive. In our example above, it's a brief message explaining that we are out of the office. Name and save the stationery, then close it.

  • How to Create Stationery

  • Tools: Filters:

    Step 2

    Go to the Tools: menu and select Filters to open the Filters window.

    Create the filter using the settings depicted

    Step 3

    To add a new filter, click NEW. Under Match, click Incoming to put a checkmark in the box (you can also click Manual for testing purposes).

    In the Header field, select To: from the pop-up menu. In the pop-up menu below the Header field, change "contains" to "appears", and leave the box to the right of it empty.

    Under Actions, choose "Reply with" from the first pop-up menu. A box with a pop-up menu will appear to the right of "Reply with":. From the pop-up menu, choose the stationery you created above in Step 1. Close the Filters window and save your changes.

  • How to Create Filters

  • Go to Tools: Options:

    Step 4

    Go to the Tools: menu and select Options to open the Options window.

    Step 5

    Click on the Checking Mail category. Make sure you have Eudora set to check for mail at a specified interval (we recommend no less than 15 minutes). Just make sure that a non-zero number is in the box for that option.

    Next, make sure that Send on Check is checked. Click OK to save your options. That's it. Your Vacation Auto-Reply Filter is finished.

    You can leave the filter in place when you do not need it. All you need to do to disable it is to uncheck all three Match checkboxes at the top of that filter (under Tools: Filters:).

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