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Signatures (Windows)

A signature is a few lines of text that are automatically added to the end of an outgoing message when it is sent. A signature can be whatever you want, but it is mostly used to give contact information (telephone, address, etc). You can use only one signature at a time in a message, but you can create as many different signatures as you want.

Go to Tools: Signatures.

From the Tools menu, choose Signatures. This will cause the Signatures Window to appear.

Right click - choose New.
Right click - choose New.
Right click - choose New.

Right-click anywhere inside the Signature window to select the drop-down context menu.

From this context menu, choose New.

Enter a name for the new signature.

Eudora displays the Create New Signature dialog box, asking you for a name. In the dialog box, enter a signature name and click OK. In our above example, we've named this signature Prospective Clients.

Type your signature here.

A signature window appears. In this window, enter your signature text.

Note that while Eudora allows you to enter styled text in your signature file, older e-mail programs can have trouble handling them. Unless you're certain that your friends/colleagues are using up-to-date e-mailgrams, you may not want to use styled text in your signature.

Use the drop-down menu to choose a signature
Use the drop-down menu to choose a signature

To include a particular signature in an outgoing message, select the signature you want from the Signature drop-down on the message toolbar.

Tools: Options: Composing Mail

To include a particular signature in all your outgoing messages - unless you're using a stationery, go to Tools: Options: Composing Mail. Select a signature from the Default Signature drop-down menu.

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