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How to Import from Outlook (Windows)

NOTE: Before you begin the import, we recommend that you empty the Deleted Items folder in Microsoft Outlook.

In Eudora, go to File: Import:

1. From the File menu, choose Import. The Import Mail and Addresses dialog box appears.

Choose Microsoft Outlook

2. In the dialog box, choose Microsoft Outlook.

3. Choose Import Mail and/or Address Book then click OK. Microsoft Outlook should begin importing into Eudora.

Depending on how much mail you have, the process may take a few minutes. Once it finishes, you should see your mailboxes available in Eudora.

Your Outlook mailboxes are imported into Eudora


If the automatic process above does not work for you, you can manually direct Eudora to import.

1. From the File menu, choose Import. The Import Mail and Addresses dialog box appears.

2. Click Advanced. The Advanced Import dialog box appears.Advanced Import dialog box (showing Microsoft Outlook required field)

3. Choose Microsoft Outlook.

4. In the Please Locate your PST file, click Browse and look for the .pst file. Make sure the file appears in the text box. (The PST file has the .pst extension. You can search for it using Windows Explorer.)

5. When finished, click OK.

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