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Trouble Opening Attachments (Windows)

Eudora doesn't open attachments. Eudora just passes them to the program that is registered with Windows to open that type of attachment. For example, if it's a .DOC file, Windows opens it with Microsoft Word.

Once you receive an attachment it is automatically decoded and stored in your designated Attachment directory. Opening that file is no different from opening a file that was given to you on a floppy disk by a friend.

If you click on the attachment, Eudora will let Windows launch the appropriate program.

You've been sent an attachment named boat1.jpg. Move your mouse over it and click on it, and Eudora will ask Windows what program will open this file.

If Windows knows what to open the document with, it will launch the appropriate program and open the attachment for you.

This window appears if Windows doesn't know what to open it with.  It wants you to choose the appropriate program.

In this example, Eudora asked Windows what to open boat1.jpg with, but Windows didn't know. If Windows doesn't know what to open a file with, it will ask you to choose the program to use.

Choose the program - then click OPEN.

If you know what program will open this file, you need to tell Windows what to use to open it. In this case, Internet Explorer will open the file boat1.jpg.

If you don't know what will open this file, contact the person who sent it to you.


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