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How to Share the Address Book (Windows)

You can set up central nickname files on a server, and configure the users' Eudora to let them refer to the non-local lists. The shared nickname files must be plain ASCII, with .txt extensions. They should be stored in a special server directory that all the users have read-only access to.

Open the .txt file in Notepad

The nicknames in the shared file(s) should be in a plain-text format, which looks something like this.

You'll have to get your file into this format. To see the exact format, create some nicknames in Eudora. Then quit Eudora and open a simple text editor program like NotePad. Open the nndbase.txt file in your Eudora directory from within NotePad, and look at it. The format you see there is the format pictured above, and it's the format you need your shared nicknames to be in.

When you need to make changes to this file, do so through your copy of Eudora (since only you have write-access). Or if you wish, you can just replace the nickname(s) files in that directory; if you do it this way, however, be sure to delete the associated .toc file; then make sure you are the first person to access the Nicknames through Eudora. This is necessary because when the file is first accessed, Eudora will need to create a .toc file, and that's only possible for you (since you have write-access).

Once the shared data file has been configured and set up, the client side users need to allow Eudora to access the shared nickname file.

Open the eudora.ini file in Notepad

In the Settings section of the eudora.ini file, add the line: ExtraNicknameDirs=path to the nickname directory on server.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not edit the shared Address Book within Eudora if other users are connected to it. If multiple people make changes to the shared Address Book, this can lead to corruption problems.

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