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Signatures (Macintosh)

A signature is a few lines of text that are automatically added to the end of an outgoing message when it is sent. A signature can be whatever you want, but it is mostly used to give contact information (telephone, address, etc). You can use only one signature at a time in a message, but you can create as many different signatures as you want.

Go to Windows: Signatures

From the Windows menu, choose Signatures. This will cause the Signatures Window to appear.

To create a new Signature file, click New. To delete a Signature file, select the file then click Delete. To modify an existing Signature file, select the file then click Edit.

In the example above, we're going to edit the existing Standard Signature file. Highlight the appropriate Signature file, then click Edit

Type your Signature here.

A signature window appears. In this window, enter your signature text. Once you finish, save your changes.

Note that while Eudora allows you to enter styled text in your signature file, older e-mail programs can have trouble handling them. Unless you're certain that your friends/colleagues are using up-to-date e-mailgrams, you may not want to use styled text in your signature.

Use the drop-down menu to choose a signature
Use the drop-down menu to choose a signature

To include a particular signature in an outgoing message, select the signature you want from the Signature drop-down on the message toolbar.

Special: Settings: Composing Mail Special: Settings: Composing Mail
Special: Settings: Composing Mail

To include a particular signature in all your outgoing messages - unless you're using a stationery, go to Special: Settings: Composing Mail. Select a signature from the Default Signature drop-down menu.

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