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Personalities (Macintosh)

You can use the Personalities window to manage, access, and apply your e-mail accounts - Personalities - when you use more than one account.

Creating a new Personality:

Go to Window: to open the Personalities window.

Step 1

Go to Window: Personalities. This will open the Personalities window.

Click NEW to create a new personality.
Click NEW to create a new personality.

Step 2

To create the personality, click on the New button. It will create an Untitled personality. Name it something easy to remember.

Editing or Changing an existing Personality:

Click EDIT to edit a personality.
Click EDIT to edit a personality.

Highlight the personality you wish to edit, then click on the Edit button.

Modify the Personality Settings

The Settings window opens with Personalities highlighted. The name of the Personality is listed at the top. The traits below can be modified.

  • Pers. Name: This is the name of the Personality. You can rename your Personality here.
  • Real Name: This is the real name assigned to the personality - generally a first and last name. The text you enter here is included in the From: field of all your outgoing messages.
  • Username: This is the name you use to login to this e-mail account. For example, in the incoming mail account rclark @, the login name is rclark. Check with your Internet Service Provider if you're not certain what your login name is.
  • Mail Host: This is the name of the Incoming-mail server for this personality.
  • SMTP Server: The is the name of your Outgoing Mail Server for this personality.
  • Domain to Add: This is the domain name that Eudora automatically adds to an unqualified name addressed in messages sent from this personality. If you don't use this feature, leave this field blank.
  • Return Address: This is the return e-mail address used in outgoing messages. The address you enter here is included in the From: field of all your outgoing messages from this personality.
  • Check for mail every: To set up Eudora to automatically check your incoming accounts, turn on this setting and enter the number of minutes in between mail checks.
  • Check mail on manual checks: If this is selected, mail checking is activated for this personality - either by manual or automatic timed mail checks. If you uncheck this box, then mail will not be checked for this account.
  • Send mail whenever sends are done: If this checkbox is not checked, mail can only be checked for this personality and outgoing messages cannot be sent from this personality.

Modify the Personality Settings

Click on the Personalities Extras button on the left to bring up the Personalities Extras settings.

  • Server Configuration: This indicates which e-mailtocol the incoming mail server uses: POP or IMAP. Ask your e-mail administrator which one to use, if you're not sure.
  • Skip messages over 40K in size: If selected, messages over the specified size are downloaded only in part. These messages include the first few lines, and a statement that says the message is not complete. This can be useful on slow connections.
  • Leave on Server for: If selected, then during mail checks, incoming mail for this personality is left on the incoming mail server and a copy is transferred to your computer. If this is deselected, then when mail is checked, incoming mail sor this personality is deleted from the incoming mail server after it's transferred to your computer.
  • Authentication style: This specifies which POP account authentication technology to use for this personality: Passwords, Kerberos, APOP, or RPA. Ask your e-mail administrator which one to use.
  • Stationery: The default stationery to use for all outgoing messages sent from this personality. Select a stationery file from the drop-down menu, or select No Default for no default stationery.
  • Signature when not using Stationery: This sets the default signature for all outgoing messages from this personality. Select a signature from this drop-down menu, or select No Default for no default signature.

Messages from extra personalities will go into the IN mailbox by default. However, you can set up a filter to transfer messages to designated mailboxes that you create.

Also, note that Personalities are best for a single user who is managing multiple e-mail accounts. However, multiple instances of Eudora may be preferable for multiple users checking their mail accounts on one machine.

Other hints and tips for using Personalities are detailed in the Users Manual.

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