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How to Use Fetch Partially Downloaded Messages (Macintosh)

If you have Eudora set to download just the first portion of large email messages, you can view the message portion and then decide if you want to download the rest of the message. This can be very useful if you're on a slower internet connection or if you don't like waiting for large attachments to download.

To stop Eudora from downloading large messages, go to Special: Settings: Checking Mail: and check Skip Messages Over.

Go to Special: Settings: Checking Mail. If the Skip Messages over ? K option is on and a number is entered in the field, messages over the specified size are downloaded only in part. These messages include the first few lines, along with a statement that the message is not complete.

Click the Fetch icon to download the remainder of the message. Click the Fetch icon to download the remainder of the message.
Click the Fetch icon to download the remainder of the message.

Now Eudora will only download the first part of the large message, with a note at the bottom stating that the whole message has not been transferred.

If you decide that you want to download the whole message, turn on the Fetch icon in the open message window's icon bar (circled above in red). Now check for mail. Eudora will download the entire new message.

Watch a QuickTime Movie explaining how to Fetch Partially Downloaded Messages in EudoraWATCH A QUICKTIME MOVIE EXAMPLE [1.7 MB]

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