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ESP Tutorial for Macintosh


To open the shared folder associated with an ESP Group, go to Tools: ESP Groups: to open the ESP Groups window.

Select the ESP Group, then click the OPEN FOLDER button.

Select the name of the ESP Group from the list on the left-hand side, and click the Open Folder button. The shared folder will open in a file browser (ie. Windows Explorer or My Computer).

Or, you can also open the ESP Group folder from the ESP Group mailbox.

Anything put in the ESP Group Folder will be shared with other members of your ESP Group.

The shared folder is used just like any folder in Windows. You can add, modify or delete documents as needed. When Eudora is running, ESP periodically scans the folder for changes, and sends any changes (added, deleted, or modified files) to other ESP Group members.

In our example above, the file map.gif is being shared with the other ESP Group members. If you were to rename the file, delete it, or modify it - those changes would be sent to the other ESP Group members.

As ESP receives periodic changes to the shared folder from other users, it incorporates the changes according to the settings you’ve chosen for that ESP Group.

Click "Continue" below to proceed to Configuration and Settings.

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