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ESP Tutorial for Windows


There are unlimited different uses of ESP. Three examples that we highlight here are-

Sharing Photos with Family and Friends

Sharing photos with family and friends becomes easier with ESP. You can add your own photos and let others add their own photos to your shared folder.

Now, you can put photos in the ESP Group folder and ESP will make sure that they are automatically sent to your family and friends in the ESP Group. They, in turn, can add their own photos and they will be automatically shared with everyone in the group.

Synchronizing Documents between Work and Home

If you have a work email address you check at work and a home email address you check at home, ESP will allow you to easily synchronize files between the two computers. This could be invaluable if you have documents - like a Calendar file - that you want to keep updated at both locations.

Now for example, keep your calendar file in the "Work and Home" ESP Group folder. If you're at home and make a change to the calendar, ESP will make sure that the calendar at work gets updated with the change.

Building a Presentation with Co-Workers

If you have a presentation or document that you are building ith co-workers, ESP can make sure everyone is working on the most updated version.

Now for example, if you are writing a contract proposal in Word or Powerpoint, place those documents in the ESP Group folder. Those documents will appear in the shared ESP Group folders of your co-workers. Any changes that re made will automatically appear in everyone's shared folder.

This concludes the ESP Tutorial.


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