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Using the Tutorial and Help

ESP Overview

Creating a New ESP Group

Inviting People to Join an ESP Group

Joining an ESP Group

Leaving an ESP Group

Using the ESP Group Mailbox

Using the ESP Group Shared Folder

Configuration and Settings

ESP Examples

ESP Tutorial for Windows

Go to Special: ESP Groups: to open this window.

When you have the ESP Groups window open, you can edit a ESP Group's settings by selecting its name from the list on the left side of the window and then using the various tabbed sections of the ESP Groups window.

The Users tab allows you to invite someone to join the ESP Group, delete a member, and synchronize ESP Group folders.

The Users tab displays a list of the ESP Group members.

The buttons below-

  • Invite...: Use this button to invite someone to join the ESP Group
  • Delete: Select a member from the list, then use this button to delete that user from the ESP Group
  • Sync Folder: Select a member from the list, then use this button to request an immediate synchronization of the shared folder with that member.

The Eudora tab allows you to modify the ESP Group name, folder, mailbox, personality, and description.

The Eudora tab lists-

  • Name: The ESP Group name.
  • Shared Folder: The folder associated with the ESP Group.
  • Mailbox: The mailbox associated with the ESP Group.
  • Personality: The personality associated witht he ESP Group.
  • Description: A brief description of the ESP Group.

Under the Settings tab, you can configure how often Eudora checks for updated files and if/how often Eudora backups files in the ESP Group folder.

The Settings tab lists-

Shared Folder Check

  • Check shared folder for changes every: This sets intervals for scanning the shared folder for changes.

Auto-Backup When Other ESP Group Members Make Changes

  • Auto-Backup updated documents:
  • Auto-Backup deleted documents: If these are checked, Eudora will automatically archive and make backups of the documents in the shared folder. The backups will be stored in a folder called Backup that rests in the shared folder.
  • Store up to ... previous versions: This is the number of previous versions that will be stored in the Backup folder.

Under the Notifications tab, you can set your Role in the ESP Group and what type of Notifications you receive.

The Notifications tab lists-


  • Full Member: If this is set, you will send and receive updates.
  • Broadcasting Member: If this is set, you will send updates but will not receive incoming updates.
  • Receiving Member: If this is set, you will never send updates, but will process incoming updates.
  • Custom Member: If this is set, your Notifications will be determined by the settings under the Advanced tab.


  • Ask before processing any updates from my shared folder: If this is checked, you will receive a prompt any time you receive any updated files.
  • Log any ESP Group actions: If this is checked, ESP Group updates will be logged.

The Advanced Tab - Refer to your manual for more information how to further modify and customize your ESP Group.

The Advanced tab allows you to further modify and customize your ESP Group. For information about this tab, please refer to the Eudora Users Manual.

Special: ESP Groups: and click on the Settings button.

To modify Global ESP settings, go to Special: ESP Groups: and click on the Settings button.

ESP Automatic Filters Precedence

  • Run automatic filters before user filters:
  • Run automatic filters after user filters: Depending on which option you activate, ESP will filter the incoming ESP Group messages before or after your personal filters take effect.

Automatic Actions

  • Allow automatic processing of incoming attachments: Check this if you want the shared folder updated automatically with email message attachments.
  • Allow automatic scanning of shared folders: Check this if you want your shared folder scanned automatically at the frequency you specified under the Settings tab.

Click "Continue" below to proceed to ESP Examples.

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