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Using the Tutorial and Help

ESP Overview

Creating a New ESP Group

Inviting People to Join an ESP Group

Joining an ESP Group

Leaving an ESP Group

Using the ESP Group Mailbox

Using the ESP Group Shared Folder

Configuration and Settings

ESP Examples

ESP Tutorial for Windows

A mailbox associated with an ESP Group will have these buttons at the top of the mailbox.

Any mailbox that you've assigned to an ESP Group has special buttons at the top of the mailbox.

  • New Message: Creates a new email message addressed to all the members of the ESP Group.
  • Open Folder: Opens a window showing the contents of the ESP Group's shared folder.
  • Invite... : Lets you invite one or more ESP users to join the ESP Group that the mailbox is assigned to.
  • ESP Groups: Opens the ESP Groups window, just as if you had selected Special: ESP Groups:.
  • Update Others: Immediately scans the ESP Group's shared folder for changes.

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