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Content Concentrator

You know how hard it can be to unravel a long email thread, or to find what the sender actually SAID in the midst of all the quoting, signatures, and other junk that's inside the mail you do read.

Content Concentrator makes messages more readable by trimming excessive headers, quoting, and signatures when messages are displayed. Easily get to the meat of your email, and see whole threads at a glance.

Content Concentrator is available in Eudora 6.0 (or higher).

Content Concentrator will concentrate text inside as single message. Long passages of text will be concentrated with snip.

Content Concentrator also allows you to group threaded messages and view them all at once in the preview pane of a mailbox. Highlight multiple messages and they will be concentrated.

You can control the level of concentration from the button directly above the Preview Pane in the middle of the mailbox, between the "Mailbox Size Display" and the horizontal scrollbar.

You can also control the degree to which a message is concentrated by the profiles specified under Tools: Options: Content Concentrator (Macintosh users - go to Special: Settings: Content Concentrator).

The following are the available profiles in Content Concentrator.

None - Turns off Content Concentrator. There is no change in the message format.

Compact - Message is truncated; that is, excess headers and text are compacted and replaced with ellipses and a snip indicator; only the To:, From:, Subject:, and Cc: header fields appear.

Terse - Message is truncated further; only the From: field of the header appears in the message with concentrated text.

If you want to display the full content of a message which has been concentrated in the preview pane, then open the message window (e.g. press the Enter key or double click on the message). If the message window itself is concentrated, because you've changed the profile for the message window from the default of "None", then click the "Blah Blah Blah" button at the top of the window to display the full message without any concentration.

Further instructions how to use Content Concentrator are in your Eudora User's Manual.

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