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Upgrading to 6.2.4 (Mac OS X)

Upgrading to the current version of Eudora from your current Eudora is extremely easy. Simply-

  1. Download and install 6.2.4
  2. Run 6.2.4 - make sure it has found your old mail and settings
  3. Learn what the Eudora Folder is

This is the Eudora installer

Step One

Download Eudora 6.2.4 from Double-click on the installer and install Eudora 6.2.4 anywhere on your computer. By default, Eudora will create a new folder named Eudora Application Folder in your Applications folder.

The Eudora Application Folder - where the program itself resides

Step Two

Open the Eudora Application Folder, pictured above. The contents will be similar to (if not exactly) what you see above.

Double click on the application named Eudora. It will launch 6.2.4 and should automatically find your existing mailboxes, address books, and settings.

The Eudora Folder - where all your mail, settings, filers, and address books are stored

Step Three

Pictured above is the Eudora Folder - DO NOT DELETE THIS FOLDER. The Eudora Folder is inside your Documents folder and it stores all your mail, settings, filters, and address books. DO NOT DELETE THIS FOLDER.

If you're making regular backups of important files on your Mac (and you should!), make backups of the Eudora Folder.

If Something Goes Wrong

If you launch your new Eudora application and it doesn't immediately find your old mail, address books, and settings - check the following things.

  • Did you start up Eudora from an old alias? Don't - try launching Eudora directly from the application in the Eudora Application Folder.

  • Do a search on your computer for the file Eudora Settings. This file will be found in your Eudora Folder. If your Eudora Folder is not in the Documents folder, then Eudora could not find it and may have created a new empty one in the Documents folder. With Eudora quit, move the Eudora Folder onto the Desktop, then move the other Eudora Folder into the Documents folder. Start up Eudora.

  • Did your settings and address books appear, but your mailboxes disappear? Go into the Eudora Folder found in your Documents folder. Are there files in here named In, In.TOC, Out, and Out.TOC? If so, move these four files into the Mail Folder found in the Eudora Folder. Start up Eudora and see if your mail returns.

Making Your Eudora 6.2.4 Look like your old Eudora

Some of the visual changes in the new Eudora 6.2.4 may be disconcerting at first, but there are changes you can make to modify the user-interface to make it more familiar for you.

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