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X-Eudora-Settings FAQ (Macintosh)

Document ID: 2116HQ

X-Eudora-Settings FAQ


X-Eudora-Settings were implemented in the User Interface of Macintosh Eudora 4.2 or later.

What are they?

X-Eudora-Settings allow you to adjust common and "hidden" Eudora settings.

Who should use them?

We urge only those who are experienced with Macintosh, Macintosh Eudora, and the Internet to use the X-Eudora-Settings feature.

How are they used?

X-Eudora-Settings can be accessed by typing the setting you would like to edit in any area within Eudora where you can edit text, such as within the body of a new message.

NOTE: You must surround the X-Eudora-Setting string with angle brackets. i.e., <x-eudora-setting:140>.

Once you type the X-Eudora-Setting you would like to modify, it will highlight as a URL. Double click the active link and a settings dialog will appear.

It should look similar to this:

What should I do if I mess up my Settings?

We urge you to make a backup copy of your Eudora Settings file before changing any setting.

Your Eudora Settings file is found inside the Eudora Folder - the Eudora Folder is usually found in either your System Folder or Documents folder.

If you do not make a backup, you can revert to default settings by holding down all modifier keys (Shift+Control+Option+Command) while selecting "Settings" from the special menu.

You should see this warning dialog box:

Warning: When you reset your settings, only the information listed below is retained:

  • Login name and the name of your POP server*

  • Your SMTP host*

  • Your return address*

  • Your real name*

  • Your ACAP server

* This includes any additional Personality setting(s).

All other settings will be set to DEFAULT. You've been warned! Make a backup!

Where can I find the list of X-Eudora-Settings?

The list is available for download from

Hint: Copy and paste into a new message and save as Stationery!


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