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How do I set up multiple users on one machine?

Document ID: 919HQ

Question: How do I set up Eudora for multiple users on one computer?

Answer: To set up Eudora for multiple users on one computer, do the following:

  1. Create a new folder for the second user's e-mail. For example, you call it user2 folder.

  2. Open the "Eudora Folder" (usually found in the "System Folder" or the "Documents" folder). It contains your Eudora Settings file.

  3. Rename this file, for example, MySettings.

  4. Make an alias of this MySettings file and put it in the Apple Menu Items folder in the System Folder. Call the alias something descriptive, like "George's Eudora" if the first user's name is George.

  5. Restart Eudora and then quit.

  6. Look in that folder again; Eudora will have created a new Eudora Settings file. Move this file into your new user2 folder. Make an alias of it and put the alias into the Apple Menu Items folder. Call the alias something descriptive, like "Marsha's Eudora" if the second user's name is Marsha.

  7. Now open Eudora again by double-clicking on the new Eudora Settings file in the user2 folder. When Eudora opens, change the (blank) settings to whatever you need for the second address.

Repeat the above procedure to create new e-mail folders for as many address configurations as you need. Now, you can choose which e-mail folder you want by choosing the appropriate alias from the Apple menu. You can even switch settings from within Eudora by selecting a different alias from the Apple Menu. You don't need to quit and restart Eudora to change settings files.



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