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How do I hide recipients when sending messages?

Document ID: 918HQ

Question: How do I hide the list of recipients when sending e-mail to a large list of people?

Answer: There are two procedures you can use to hide the list of recipients. A step-by-step Tutorial how to do this is available at

Procedure 1: Shows you how to set up a group of static recipient names to whom you frequently e-mail. This is done through the Address Book feature.

Procedure 2: Shows you how to set up a group of recipient names to whom you e-mail perhaps one time. This is done through the Bcc: feature located in the header of the message.

Procedure 1:

  1. Enter an Address Book entry for this list, for example, ClientList.

  2. Enter the addresses of the recipients in the Address(es)field.

  3. Enter the recipients group name in the Name field located on the right above the Address(es) field. Make sure it's a name you don't mind the recipients see, for example, "My Valued Customers". Whenever you send a message to that list, put the Address Book entry name "ClientList" in the To: field of the outgoing message. The recipients of this group see the following:

    To: My Valued Customers:;

    None of the recipients in this group will see names and addresses.

    Note: this will only work if you have more than one address in the Address(es) field of this Address Book entry, and if there's a value in the Name field.

Procedure 2:

  1. In the Bcc: field, enter the e-mail addresses you don't want to display separating them with commas. Bcc indicates a Blind Carbon Copy; recipient addresses in this field do appear on your recipient's message. (This also applies if it's a nickname, not a typed-out e-mail address, in the line).

    For example, you want to send a message sent to jdoe, bsmith, and tjones, and you want to hide bsmith's and tjones' e-mail addresses. Your message header should look like the following:


    Subject: More News for you!


    Your message will go to all three people, but each person will only see the following:


    Subject: More News for you!

    Important: You must enter a valid e-mail address in the To: field even if it's your own.



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