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Error 451 Sending Mail

Document ID: 904HQ


I get "Error 451" when trying to send mail.


Firstly, make sure you're using the latest version of Eudora. Download the latest version from

Next, in Eudora, create a new mailbox (go to Mailbox: New:). Name it OldOut. Next, open up your Out mailbox (go to Mailbox: Out). Go to Edit: Select All: to highlight all the messages. Now go to Transfer: OldOut. It will empty your Out mailbox and move it all to the OldOut box. Now try sending mail and see if the problem continues.

If it does, quit Eudora and open up your Windows Temp directories. They are usually either C:\TEMP and/or C:\WINDOWS\TEMP. Delete all the files out of these directories, start up Eudora, and see if you can send mail now.

If it still doesn't work, in Eudora, go to Tools: Signatures. If you've created any custom signature files, try deleting them and see if a corrupted signature file is keeping you from sending mail.


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