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Eudora not displaying Ads - will downgrade to Light

Document ID: 2759HQ


I'm not getting ads (Ad window shows as a gray Eudora logo) or I've been notified that I'll be put into Light mode. What do I do?


Eudora stopped pushing ads to Sponsored Mode Users. If you are running Windows Eudora 7.1 or Macintosh Eudora 6.2.4 you do not have to make any changes to the Eudora program.

Anyone not on version 7.1 (Windows) or 6.2.4 (Mac) will be reverted to Light Mode. To download the most recent version of Eudora, click here

Note: Eudora 7.1 will not run on Microsoft Windows 98 or ME.

If you are running Windows 98 or ME you will have to do one of the following steps:

1. Pay for a version 6.x license ( is the most recent version you can run on Windows 98 or ME). To download version 6.2.5, click here

2. Revert to version 5.2 and use the free paid mode code below. To download version 5.2 click


Once you have installed version 5.2, select Help - Payment & registration, then select Enter you code and enter the following information:

First Name: Sponsored

Last Name: User

Registration Code: 8183-0729-8596-3733

Select ok and you will now be in the Paid Mode for version 5.2. Please Note, this paid code is provided to address the Eudora Sponsored Mode ad servers being shut down and does not include technical support.


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