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SMTP settings for Cellphone wireless card connections

Document ID: 2698HQ

(find your carrier below)

Cingular Wireless provides service for former AT&T Wireless accounts. The information below is based on

former AT&T Wireless settings, which may have changed since AT&T Wireless merged with Cingular. For the

latest information, contact Cingular.

With former AT&T Wireless accounts, you may have had two email accounts. One contained your former AT&T

Wireless mMode username (, and the other contained your phone number

( If you don't already have an mMode username, contact Cingular for more


Former AT&T Wireless accounts could not send emails from third-party email

accounts; you needed to your mMode email address to send mail. Under former AT&T Wireless settings, you

would still be able to receive emails from an unrelated POP3 account, but any outgoing mails must be sent

from your mMode email address. Contact Cingular for updates.

  • SMTP Server:

  • User name: Your mMode username

  • Password: Your mMode password

Cingular Wireless For Cingular Wireless, you do not need to enter a user name or

password, but you do need to enter the SMTP server info.

  • Outgoing (SMTP) Server:

  • User name: (none)

  • Password: (none)

Rogers Wireless For Rogers Wireless, you do not need to enter a user name or

password, but you do need to enter the SMTP server info.

  • SMTP Server:

  • User name: None

  • Password: None

Sprint PCS Before setting up your email account, you'll need to set your PCS

Vision Email password. If you haven't already done this, go to MyPCS on the Sprint PCS website and login.

Select "My Personal Information." Under "Passwords," to the right of PCS Vision User Name, select "Modify."

You'll see your Sprint PCS email address; remember this address. Go back to My Personal Information. Under

PCS Vision User Name, to the right of PCS Vision Password, select "Modify." Create a new password. Note:

When you do this, your PCS Vision password will be reset on your smartphone. Make sure you're in an area of


  • SMTP Server:

  • User name: Your PCS Vision Email username (the part before the "@" in your email address)

  • Password: Your PCS Vision Email password

T-Mobile You may not need to enter an SMTP username and password. However, if

you're having problems sending, you may need to contact T-Mobile and register your POP server and password.

You'll be issued an SMTP username and password for sending emails on T-Mobile's SMTP server. While you're at

the T-Mobile website, turn off the Alerts option, or you'll receive SMS messages containing the text of

received emails.

  • SMTP Server:

  • User name: None, or T-Mobile SMTP username (above)

  • Password: None, or T-Mobile SMTP password (above)

    Verizon Wireless

    • SMTP Server:

    • User name: [10-digit phone number] (

    • Password:Your password


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