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Creating a virtual directory for WM3 Web Client in IIS

Document ID: 2667HQ

To manually create a virtual directory for WorldMail 3 Web Client into IIS:

  1. From the IIS Console, right-click the web site to which you want to install Web Client.
  2. Select New > Virtual Directory. When then virtual directory wizard appears, click Next.
  3. Enter "webclient" as the virtual directory alias, and click Next.
  4. Select the "WorldMail3/WebClient/Web" directory and click Next.
  5. In the Access Permissions page of the wizard, check both the Read and Run scripts options, and click Next.
  6. The virtual directory named "webclient" should now appear under the selected web site. Right-click the web client virtual directory and select Properties.
  7. Under the Virtual Directory tab, locate the Application Settings section. If no application name is shown, click Create and enter "WebClient" in the Application name field.
  8. Under the Directory Security tab, click the Edit button in the Anonymous Access section.
  9. Check the box labeled Anonymous access, and click Edit.
  10. Specify a user from the Administrator group, and check the box labeled Allow IIS to control password.
  11. Click OK to save changes in each dialog.

Also, see "Folder Permissions for WorldMail 3 & Web Client (webmail)" for additional Windows folder permission settings.


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