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Importing from WorldMail 2 to WorldMail 3.1.2x

Document ID: 2655HQ

Issue:Converting WorldMail 2.x accounts to the new WorldMail 3.1.2x server.

Solution:WorldMail 3 is built from new code base. Rather than "Upgrade" your WorldMail2 software, the process is to install a new Worldmail 3 and "Import" from Worldmail 2.

Step 1: Install WorldMail 3 on the same local machine where WorldMail 2 is installed.

IMPORTANT: Install WorldMail 3 into a separate directory on your system. Do not overwrite your previous Worldmail2.

Note: Do not start the WorldMail 3 services until after importing the users.

Step 2: Export from WorldMail 2 using the MsconvUser2 command line utility

  • Open a windows Command prompt (Click "Start" button; click "Run..."; type "cmd"; click OK)
  • Navigate to your WorldMail 3 directory (C:\Program Files\Qualcomm\WorldMail\ is the default location)
  • Use the MsconvUser2 utility to export, using the -x variable to enter in the current path for WorldMail 2 and the -w variable to type in the path for WorldMail 3.
  • Syntax:

      MsconvUser2.exe -m WorldMail -o <exportfile> -b -- -x <worldmail 2 path> -w <worldmail 3 path>

    For example, if both WorldMail 2 and 3 are installed in the default directories:

      MsconvUser2.exe -m WorldMail -o targetfile.xml -b -- -x c:\program files\WorldMail\ -w c:\program files\QUALCOMM\WorldMail\

  • Your data will be exported to "targetfile.xml" in the above example.
  • Step 3: Import into WorldMail 3 using the MsImportExport command line utility

    After you have exported the users to the XML file, you will need to use msImportExport.exe to import the users into WorldMail 3 with the following command:


      MsImportExport.exe -import filename.xml -server -domains -mailboxes


    This procedure will not overwrite the existing domains, boxes will be added and new domains will be created as needed. User accounts are created, but user mail is not yet migrated.

    Step 4: Migrate mail using the msconv2 command line utility

    Type the following line in the command window to convert mail from WorldMail 2 to the Worldmail 3.


      msconv2 -s WorldMail -d <Domain>

    Note: If you do not include the -d flag with a specific domain, mail will be imported from all domains in your WorldMail 2 installation.

    Note: The msconv2 utility will not create empty mailboxes. If you are migrating from a WorldMail 2 account that does not have any mail on the server, the empty mailbox will not be created in WorldMail 3. The mailbox will be created for this account later, when the WorldMail 3 server receives mail to deliver to this user.


    Now you are ready to start your services!


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