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Eudora keeps asking me to fill out a profile

Document ID: 2653HQ


Eudora keeps displaying a dialog telling me that I have been (or will be) downgraded to Light mode because I have not filled out a profile. Filling out a profile does not make this dialog stop appearing.


There was a bug in earlier versions that caused this dialog to appear erroneously. When Eudora says you haven't filled out a profile, what it really means is it is not receiving advertisements. As we are no longer trafficking new advertisements, your Eudora client is on its way toward forcing you into Light mode for not displaying ads. You can avoid being forced into Light mode by downloading and installing the update to version 7.1. You still won't receive ads, but 7.1 won't hold that against you, so you'll be able to remain in Sponsored mode.

Note: If you wait until Eudora has switched to Light mode before upgrading, you will have to go click on the Help menu, select Payment and Registration, and click on the button to return to Sponsored mode after you upgrade.

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