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How can I backup and restore my In and Out mailboxes

Document ID: 2651HQ


I would like to have Eudora make regular Back Up copies of my mailboxes.


Starting with Eudora version 6, Eudora will automatically make back up copies of the In and Out mailboxes. Eudora can only make copies of the In and Out mailboxes at this time. You can locate these in the same directory as the In mailbox files (In.mbx and In.toc). These files are discernable by the .001 and .002 extensions. This procedure occurs when the mailboxes are "compacted" and this happens at specific intervals during Eudora' regular operation. If you would like to perform this task manually so that you have the most recent email received constantly backed up, you can use the Special\Compact Mailboxes menu to force the creation of these backups.

To restore these files for any reason, simply rename these file pairs (In.mbx.001 and In.toc.001, etc..) so that they do not have the same name as the Original In mailbox (In.mbx and In.toc) and then restart Eudora.

We suggest something like Old In 1.mbx Old In 1.toc and Old In 2.mbx and Old In 2.toc, removing the .001 and .002 extensions from Each File Pair.

When you launch Eudora you will find the Old In 1 and Old In 2 mailboxes in the list with your regularly listed mailboxes. These will contain the Most Recently backed up info from the original mailbox.


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