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Eudora Crashes When I Open a Certain Mailbox

Document ID: 2631HQ


Eudora crashes when I try to open a certain mailbox - sometimes with the error, Pure Virtual Function.


The mailbox most likely has a corrupted message or a message that the Microsoft Viewer is have trouble displaying and is causing the crash when you attempt to open the mailbox. The Pure Virtual Function Error is not a Eudora error but this is the work around for it until Microsoft resolves the issue.

1) Before opening the mailbox (if other than In, Out, Junk or Trash) open Eudora and go to Tools\Options\Viewing Mail. Uncheck Show Message Preview Pane and click ok. Now you should be able to open the mailbox in question. You will see what message you are highlighted on and can delete the problem message without opening it.

NOTE: If you open that message, your program will crash again. Highlight the message and send it to the trash by click on the delete key. Now go into the Trash mailbox and highlight on the same message and hit the delete key again - now compact the mailbox - Special\Compact Mailbox. This will remove the bad message completely.

You can now go back and recheck the Preview Pane.

For the In, Out or Trash mailbox - go into the Eudora data directory.

Look for these files and rename them from -> to:

in.mbx -> oldin.mbx

in.toc -> oldin.toc

out.mbx -> oldout.mbx

out.toc -> oldout.toc

junk.mbx -> oldjunk.mbx

junk.toc -> oldjunk.toc

trash.mbx -> oldtrash.mbx

trash.toc -> oldtrash.toc

Now delete the file descmap.pce. Now start up Eudora and your In, Out, and Trash mailboxes will be empty. Your old mail will be stored in new mailboxes named OldIn, OldOut, OldJunk, and OldTrash.

Then open the mailboxes OldIn, OldOut, OldJunk, OldTrash one at a time and follow the Solution steps above.

DATE MODIFIED: 8/20/2004

Keywords: EPWIN, mailboxes, corrupt, crash, Pure Virtual Function, shutdown

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