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Disabling SMTP option in CISCO PIX firewall

Document ID: 2539HQ


CISCO PIX firewall can interfere with the WorldMail 3 SMTP service.


Cisco Pix 515 (and other version) firewalls with MailGuard feature enabled conflict with WorldMail 3's ability to use SMTP authentication.

Other issues may include, receiving multiple copies of the same message in your customers mailboxes.

To disable this feature, you need to change the default "Fixup Protocol SMTP" configuration setting on the firewall by entering:


If the setting is not configured properly, using telnet to connect to WorldMail 3 on port 25 (default SMTP port) will yield a display similar to the following:

220 ***********************************22****************** Ready

Otherwise if the changes you've made are correct you should see a similar display when connecting to port 25 of your mail server:

220 WorldMail 3 ESMTP Receiver Version Ready

For more information on the CISCO PIX firewall, please refer to the following URL:


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