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Securing WorldMail 3 from blacklists

Document ID: 2521HQ


Setting security options to prevent relaying.


In order to prevent your mailserver from relaying unsolicited email (SPAM), you need to enable SMTP authentication in the WorldMail 3 console. To enable SMTP authentication, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the WorldMail 3 console

  2. Click the plus (+) symbol next to the server icon

  3. Click on the server folder icon

  4. Double click on the "security" option ("SMTP Security" in the "Security" folder if using WorldMail 3)

  5. Select the Require SMTP authentication for relaying

    NOTES: Your email clients need to have the require SMTP authentication option enabled. If your server is not relaying for other servers, stop here. If you are relaying for other hosts, continue with step 6.

  6. Enable the except for listed hosts option

  7. Click on accept mail relay from these hosts

  8. Add the domain names you are accepting traffic from.

  9. Click OK when finished

  10. Click OK again.


The blacklisting services block by DOMAIN or by IP address. It is the postmasters (mailserver administrator) responsibility to remove a blacklisted domain from the blacklist services by securing the server from relaying indiscriminately, and to update the blacklist services. You will need to contact the organization that has blacklisted your domain name and update your status after you have secured the mailserver.

Check your blacklisting status

Use any Internet search engine to find RBL tool by searching on "RBL".


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