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SpamWatch does not seem to be filtering messages. (Windows)

Document ID: 2516HQ


My messages are not being properly scored or junked by Eudora's SpamWatch feature (Windows).


Make sure that the IMAP server supports UIDPLUS - otherwise, SpamWatch will not function. If the IMAP server does not support UIDPLUS, Eudora will provide a warning on the first mail check for this account.

We recommend you contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and request this feature be added to their servers, usually done so by updating their server software.

If in fact the IMAP server does support UIDPLUS, you will need to download "Full Messages". SpamWatch will not function properly if you have configured Eudora to download only the headers of each message. To change this option please go to the Tools menu, Personalities, right click on your IMAP account, select Properties. An Account Settings window will appear, click on the Incoming Mail tab, choose "Full message except attachments over 1 or 2 k". Press "Ok".

To view the Junk score of each message go to the Tools menu, Options, Mailboxes, make sure "Junk" is checked. This will produce a Junk score column in all of your mailboxes.

For more information on how to use the SpamWatch feature, please visit our online tutorial at:


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