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Tuning and Training SpamWatch

Document ID: 2501HQ


SpamWatch is missing messages that should be marked Spam.


SpamWatch is incorrectly marking legitimate messages as Spam.


Firstly, if you want to tune SpamWatch's sensitivity, you can change SpamWatch's Junk Threshold. Go to Tools: Options: Junk Mail (Mac users - Special: Settings: Junk Mail). You can decrease the Junk Threshold if you want more messages to be junked - you can increase the Threshold if you want fewer messages to be junked.

Also, you should train your SpamWatch to correctly identify new Spam. Spammers are constantly trying to change their Spam methods to get around the latest anti-Spam technologies.

To train your SpamWatch, you must use the Junk & Not Junk commands.

If you have a message that is Junk, highlight the message, then use the Junk command. The message will be given a Junk score of 100 and will be transferred to the Junk mailbox.

If you have a message in your Junk mailbox that is not Junk, highlight the message, then use the Not Junk command. The message will be given a Junk score of 0 and will be transferred out of the Junk mailbox.

For more information, check out our SpamWatch Tutorial.


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