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How does Eudora handle SPAM junk email? (Macintosh)

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How does Eudora handle SPAM junk email? (Macintosh)


SpamWatch is a powerful new feature, available to Eudora 6x Paid mode, which allows you to manage junk email messages (spam) to save time and avoid viewing them.

Upon installation of Eudora 6x Paid mode, Eudora will prompt you to create a mailbox called "Junk" to store junk email messages (spam). A new Junk mailbox will appear in your mailbox list. The Junk mailbox can not be deleted or renamed. The next time you check mail Eudora will recognize and automatically filter junk messages to this mailbox. After 30 days Eudora will automatically delete these messages.

It is a good idea to occasionally visit your Junk mailbox to be sure wanted mail is not in this mailbox. If you find that you have mail which you do not want to be junked there is a way to train Eudora. Simply highlight unwanted Junk in the Junk mailbox, go to the message menu, select "Not Junk". With time, Eudora learns which messages are not junk and does not place these messages to the Junk mailbox. Conversely, if you find Junk mail in mailboxes other than Junk, you can choose to "Junk" them from the Message menu.

If you find to have an excessive amount of mail being junked when they should not be it is recommended that you change the "Junk Threshold" level. This option is set to 50 by default and can be changed through the Special menu, Settings, Junk Mail category.

For more information on how to use the SpamWatch feature, please visit our online tutorial at:


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