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Newton Eudora FAQ

Document ID: 2341HQ

NOTE: Eudora for Newton was discontinued several years ago and is no longer supported.

Where can I download Eudora for Newton?

Version 1.1 is available from It works on the MP2000 and MP130.

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Does Eudora for Newton work on the MP120?

Eudora for Newton requires a MP130 or MP2000. The MP120 does not have enough system RAM to run the Newton Internet Enabler, and therefore Eudora efficiently. We have done our best to make Eudora run on the MP120, but it just isn't possible. Unfortunately adding a flash card will not add system RAM to the messagepad...the system RAM on the MP120 is 512K while the system RAM on the MP130 and MP2000 is 1024K; this cannot be expanded. We have no plans on supporting the 120. In addition, Apple is no longer supporting the MP120 with the release of Newton Internet Enabler 1.1.

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Does Eudora for Newton run on the MP2000? If so, how does it differ from what is built into the Newton?

Yes, Eudora for Newton runs on the MP2000.

Eudora for Newton has many features that differentiate it from the package that comes bundled with the MP2000:

1. Email Stationery. Allows you to create email messages just like on your desktop without using the Routing button. This makes it more convenient and faster to create messages.

2. Easy Access from Extras Drawer. All features of Eudora for Newton can easily be accessed from the icon in the extras drawer (send mail,

receive mail, preferences, new message, in box, outbox). In addition, you can drag the icon to the button bar on the MP2000 and have Eudora one tap away.

3. Preferences are all centrally located. Once you tap preferences from the main menu, you have access to all the preferences, i.e. POP3 account, return address, message size, etc. without having to launch separate applications or separate plugins.

4. Intelligent and intuitive Message filtering. Allows you to download certain messages and/or file the messages in certain folders on your MessagePad. This makes handling large amounts of email quick and painless.

5. Allows you to browse messages. Eudora for Newton allows you to browse messages before downloading them. This is used directly from within the InOut Box without having to use a separate program. This feature, in particular, was designed for mobile users in order to reduce cellular connection time.

6. Ability to address messages with and without the Names application. Eudora for Newton lets you address messages using the built-in names application. However, if the address is not in your Names and you do not want to add it, Eudora gives you the option of quickly addressing a message.

7. Completely designed around Internet standards for inter-operability. Eudora was designed to be compatible with all versions of Eudora on the desktop and other Internet email clients. It does not use any proprietary encoding schemes for sending/receiving messages. Every message sent from your Newton can be read by the millions of Internet email users out there. Some other packages send information that cannot be read by anyone not using a Newton to receive email.

8. Handles text/enriched email. Many messages sent by newer versions of Eudora and other desktop products send mail using Enriched Text which provides styled text; Eudora for Newton makes it easy to read. Other products display the tags, such as "" "", "" "", etc.

9. Eudora for Newton received the International Winter Consumer Electronics Show's Innovations '97 award.

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Does Eudora have a function whereby reply e-mails automatically include the original text?

Yes, Eudora for Newton allows you to include all or part of the original message in a reply.

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Can Eudora for Newton synchronize my mail with the desktop version of Eudora?

Eudora for Newton is completely independent of Eudora for the desktop and cannot synchronize mail.

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Does Eudora for Newton support any type of encryption or authentication?

At this time, there are no implementations of PGP or similar encryption systems on the Newton and therefore Eudora for Newton does not support encryption.

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Does Eudora for Newton support Kerberos?

At this time, there are no implementations of a stable, publicly available Kerberos client for the Newton.

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Does Eudora support non-English characters sets, such as Cyrillic or Japanese?

Eudora for Newton only handles US ASCII characters.

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Does Eudora for Newton handle attachments?

Eudora for Newton only handles text messages. The Newton has no way of handling commonly used documents on the desktop and the POP3 protocol does not handle attachments efficiently which means that there is no way for the Newton to determine if it can handle an attachment before downloading the entire message. If you had a 200K MS Word file, Newton file, and an Excel file all as attachments to one message, the Newton would have to download everything, decode it, and then determine if it is usable on the Newton.

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Does Eudora for Newton work over ethernet or LocalTalk?

Apple's Newton Internet Enabler currently only connects over a modem or a direct serial connection into a PPP or SLIP server and therefore you will be unable to use any Internet application that uses the Newton Internet Enabler (99% of them use it) with LocalTalk. Apple has said that they will support additional protocols, i.e. Ethernet/LocalTalk in Newton Internet Enabler 2.0; however, they have not stated when this will be available.

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Does Eudora for Newton work with ccMail, Lotus Notes or any other non-POP3 email service?

Eudora for Newton, like the Eudora versions for the desktop, only supports POP3/SMTP mail and therefore is not compatible with the proprietary system that is used by ccMail and other non-POP3 email systems, such as AOL.

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Does Eudora for Newton work on an eMate 300?

Eudora for Newton (and all email clients currently available for the Newton) do not properly handle multi-user mode as the email applications rely on many parts of the operating system, i.e. the InOut Box, the Names application as well as a other pieces that do not handle multi-user mode.


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