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Configuring for Synchronization (Palm)

Document ID: 2216HQ

Before using the Eudora application in HotSync mode, it is important that you select the HotSync action Do Nothing for other mail applications that run on the Palm device (for example, the standard Palm Mail application).

HotSync Options

HotSync Manager icon

Configuring Synchronization from Your Desktop Computer

To set up your Eudora Mail Conduit in the synchronization mode:

  1. Click the HotSync Manager icon located in your Status Bar.

  2. Click Custom

  3. Select Eudora Mail and click Change

Eudora Mail Configuration window

  1. The Eudora Mail Configuration dialog box appears.

  2. From the Type of Sync area, select Sync with.

  3. Choose your desktop email client from the drop-down list.

  4. From the Download first__ characters, select the number of characters from the drop-down list you wish to download per message.

  5. In the Filter__ most recent messages, select the number of messages you want filtered during the synchronization. By limiting the number of messages filtered, you limit the number of messages copied to your Palm device.

  6. By selecting Deletion of mail on Palm Eudora causes deletion on desktop, you ensure that email messages deleted from your Palm device are also deleted from your desktop computer's email In mailbox during synchronization. This selection is turned off by default.

  7. Click OK to confirm your changes.

HotSync speed depends on several variables, including the number of messages in your desktop computer's inbox, your desktop computer's speed, and the number of messages in your Palm device.

HotSync speed slows if you have a lot of messages on either your desktop computer or Palm device or if your desktop computer's speed is slow. However, for a typical email user, sync completes in less than a minute, so HotSync should not be affected adversely.

Configuring Synchronization from Your Palm Device

HotSync Configuration

You can also configure the HotSync Manager from your Palm device. The HotSync options in Eudora are the same as the Eudora Mail Conduit options on your desktop computer.

If you change the configuration at different times on your Palm device and your desktop computer, the configuration most recently changed is used. While in Eudora:

  • Tap Menu .

  • Tap Options.

  • Tap HotSync.

  • Then choose the appropriate options as described above.

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