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How to use Signatures (Palm)

Document ID: 2215HQ

A signature consists of a few lines of text, usually contact information, that is automatically added to the end of an outgoing message. You only

use one signature at a time, but you can create as many different signatures as you want.

Managing signatures

Edit Signatures

Getting Started

  1. Tap Menu.

  2. Tap Options.

  3. Tap Signatures.

From this window you can manage, edit and create more signatures.

Create New Signature

To add a signature to your list

  1. Tap New.

  2. Enter the new signature name in the Create Signature Name dialog box.

  3. Tap OK.

To edit signature text information

  1. Enter the new information in the Signature Text area.

  2. Be sure to do this for the correct signature.

To delete a signature

  1. Select one from the Signature Name drop-down menu and tap Delete.

  2. Tap OK to remove the signature name from your list.

Sending Signatures with Outgoing Mail

Account: Window, with drop down Signature window

You can set up Eudora to automatically send mail with your signatures attached to the end of a message. You will need to set up the following:

  • Tap Menu.

  • Tap Options.

  • Tap Accounts, the Accounts window appears.

  • Tap the account to edit, the Account: Window appears.

  • Tap Send.

  • From the Signature drop down menu, choose a signature that has been created to use with outgoing messages.

  • Tap OK to exit this window.

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