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Set up the Sending Mail preferences (Palm)

Document ID: 2214HQ

The accounts screen has four tabs for you to configure your account(s). The first tab is your basic mail settings, i.e. your mail settings such as your login name, mail servers and return address. This has all been explained in Getting Started and Multiple Accounts.

You can also tell Eudora how much of your mail to download. This option is great for both modem and HotSync users. This has been explained under Downloading Mail.

Eudora can be configured for sending mail and what signatures to use. This is explained in this section.

You can also monitor security in Eudora.

Here is how to get to this window from the Eudora application.

  • Tap Menu.

  • Tap Options.

  • Tap Accounts.

  • Select the account you want to view, the Account: Name window will pop up.

The Send Tab

Account: Send Tab

To send messages from Eudora, you need to have access to an SMTP server. Eudora will send your messages to the SMTP server, then the SMTP server will deliver them to your recipients.

  • Auto Bcc address The name you want displayed in all your outgoing messages (for that account). If you entered a real name using the "Account Wizard" this is already filled out.

  • Auto Bcc address: Use this to automatically send a Blind Copy to the given email address.

  • Defaul Domain: Use this to automatically add a domain name after the user name. i.e if you type in bob, when Eudora sends out mail, it will send it to

    Signature: Select a signature to append to your outgoing email message.

  • Send Immediate: Use this to send messages immediately after you compose them. Note: You have to be connected to the Internet or have access to a network for this to work.

Tap OK to exit this window.

General Mail Send/Check window

From the mail Eudora window you can access more Sending and Checking options:

  • Tap Menu.

  • Tap Options.

  • Tap "General Send/Check".

  • Time Zone: Enter a +/- and the four digits of your timezone relating to the UTC/GMT zone, if you are not sure of this, tap AutoSet.

  • Disable Batch Submission: This prevents Eudora from sending messages in batch mode.

  • Disconnect after send/check: Disconnects automatically from the server after you send or check mail in network mode.

  • Keep copies of sent mail: This retains a copy of any messages you send.

Tap Ok to exit this window.

Need Additional Help?

Try these online tutorials:

  • Getting Started

  • Multiple Accounts


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