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Organizing Messages (Palm)

Document ID: 2210HQ

Eudora offers a variety of methods to help you monitor and manage your incoming messages. These sections include the following information you need to keep your message organized and readily accessible:

Find and Sort your messages

Finding Messages

The eudora application supports the build in Palm Find operation. All message text and headers are searched during a Find operation.

  • Find is not case sensitive, and ignores accented characters.

  • Find is located in the lower right corner of most Palm devices. It is usually a Magnifying Glass.

Sorting Messages

You can sort your messages in the following ways:

  • Status - Sorts by Incoming or Outgoing message status.

  • Who - Sorts by sender name. Displays in ascending or decending alphabetical order based on the first word.

  • Subject - Sorts by subject. Displays in ascending or decending alphabetical order based on the first word.

  • Grouped Subject - Groups related messages by the subject, then orders each group by date. This keeps messages from one "Thread" together and keeps active threads at the end of the mailbox.

  • Date - Sorts by date taking into account time zones. Displays most recent messages at the bottom of the list.

To sort messages, tap the column title for sorting order. Eudora underlines the title indicating the sort criteria.

Filing your messages

You can transfer or file messages downloaded to a mailbox of your choice. To file a message:

  1. Open a message from the mailbox window.

  2. Tap Menu.

  3. Tap File In Mailbox.

  4. From the drop down menu, tap the mailbox to transfer the message to.

You can also file several messages at once:

  1. Open a mailbox.

  2. With your Stylus, drag-select a group of messages, a pop up menu appears.

  3. Each drop down menu does the following:

    • Delete - Transfers the selected messages to the trash.

    • File - Displays a drop down list of your mailboxes to transfer to.

    • Mark for Download - Eudora marks the selected messages and fully downloads them at next mail check.

    • Cancel - Cancels the action. You can also tap anywhere in the Mailbox window to cancel.

Deleting and Trashing Messages

When it comes to removing messages, you can either-

  1. Delete one message at a time

    • Open a message from the mailbox window.

    • Tap delete.

    • The message is transfered to the Trash.

  2. Delete all messages from a mailbox

    • Open the mailbox that contains the messages you want to delete.

    • Tap Menu.

    • Tap Mail.

    • Tap Delete All In Mailbox.

    • Tap OK or confirm, or Cancel if you change your mind.

    • The messages are transfered to the Trash.

  3. Empty the Trash to remove deleted messages from the Palm

    • When you delete a message, it is transfered to the trash. The Trash is just another mailbox with one exception: messages in the trash can still be transfered out of the trash.

    • When you empty messages from the trash, they are removed from the Palm device, and cannot be transfered anywhere.

    • If you haven't emptied the trash in two days and 20 messages have been deleted, a dialog window will remind you to emtpy your trash. If you empty the trash, the dialog will not bother you again, until you trash 20 more messages.

    • Emptying the trash also helps conserve space on your Palm.

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