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How to set up a connection (Palm)

Document ID: 2209HQ

Before you can use either the Eudora or EudoraWeb application, you need to set up your modem or network connection information. If this tutorial does not help you, refer to the modem preferences, network preferences, and Palm TCP/IP software sections in the documentation for your Palm device. You can also contact your ISP for assistance with a modem setup.

NOTE: If you want to use the Eudora application with the HotSync operation only, you do not have to set up modem and network connections.

Setting Up Modem and Network Connections

Modem and Network Window

The Modem and Network preferences dialog box screens are located in your Palm device's Preferences application, which are accessed through the Application Launcher.

Both Eudora and EudoraWeb also let you configure network preferences from the applications. From either application, tap the Menu, Tap Options, Tap Network Preferences (Eudora) or Network Settings (EudoraWeb) to access the network configuration dialog box screens.

Note: To use the network connection with EIS, you must subscribe to an ISP or have access to wireless modem or data services. You may also need to set up the connection type, if it's not set up already.

Palm VII users will not be able to use EIS. Click here for more information.

Disconnecting from the Internet

Menu: Mail: Disconnect

Menu: Options: Disconnect

After checking mail or browsing the web, you can disconnect your Palm from the Internet. If you are going to use other network applications, disconnecting is not necessary. Be aware that if you don't disconnect, the connection will be dropped after the timeout configured in your Palm Network Preferences screen. Eudora can also be set up to automatically disconnect. This is great if you are connecting using long distance or have to pay or internet charges.

To disconnect from Eudora or EudoraWeb:

  1. Tap the Menu icon in the lower left corner of your Palm device.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • From the Mail menu (Eudora application), tap Disconnect.

    • From the Options menu (EudoraWeb application), tap Disconnect.

Set up Eudora to disconnect automatically after checking or sending mail. From the Eudora application:

Menu: Options: General Send/Check

  1. Tap Menu.

  2. Tap Options.

  3. Tap General Send/Check.

General Mail Send/Check

  1. Check Disconnect after send/check.

  2. Tap OK to confirm your changes.


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