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How to manage your mailboxes (Palm)

Document ID: 2206HQ

Mailboxes provide an efficient way to organize your Incoming and Outgoing mail. Eudora starts with three basic mailboxes - In, Out and Trash. They cannot be deleted or renamed, but you can have a total of 15 mailboxes to sort your mail.

Displaying and Opening Mailboxes

This window shows the mailbox you are in

Navigating mailboxes can be done easily from any mailbox in Eudora.

The mailbox you're currently in appears on the top right of the screen.

From this list, you can switch from one mailbox to another.

The default mailbox list is shown here.

Configuring Mailboxes

The Mailbox window.  The columns are Status, Who, and Subject.

The mailbox screen is split into five columns. For each mailbox you have, you can customize the mailbox layout.

  • Status: Type of Incoming or Outgoing message. The Status types are:

      ° Unread

      R Replied to

      F Forwarded

      S Sent

      Q Queued to be sent

      E Sending Error

      * Saved messages

  • Who: Displays the recipient (From:) or sender (To:) of a message.

  • Subject: Displays the subject header of a message.

  • Date: Displays the date and time the message was sent.

To modify the category types displayed, either tap the status icon The status icon is located in the upper right corner, or:

Menu: Options: Show Columns

  • Tap Menu.

  • Tap Options.

  • Tap Show Columns.

Show Columns Window

  • The Show Columns dialog box comes up. Check the boxes of the category(s) to view in the chosen mailbox screen. To set the default, tap "Revert to Defaults" button.

Moving and Aranging Columns

You can change the width and position of the columns in any mailbox.

Animated Changing Column Sizes

To change the width of a particular column, place your stylus on the vertical line of the column in the dark area. A horizontal arrow appears. Drag the line left or right.

Animated Moving Column Window

To change the position of columns in the mailbox display, tap the column title and drag it to the right or left. The column and its contents move to the desired location, moving the other columns right or left accordingly.

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