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Setting up your email account (Palm)

Document ID: 2203HQ

Before using Eudora, your email account needs to be setup. Your ISP can give you your basic account settings. You will need to know the following before starting:

  • Real Name - Usually your First and Last names, or a nickname

  • Username - Assigned by your ISP. Usually before the @ symbol

  • Incoming Mail Server - Assigned by your ISP. Looks like and goes after the @ symbol.

  • Outgoing Mail Server - Assigned by your ISP. Looks like Used for sending mail.

  • Return email address - If your email address is invalid, nobody can reply to you.

Users have two options for creating an account.

  • Use the Step by Step Account Wizard

    • The wizard guide you thru collecting your data, and entering it one screen at a time.

  • Use the Advanced options

    • Use this option if you know your account settings, or want to quickly get started.

NOTE: HotSync users have the option of setting up an account, but it is not necessary.

Step By Step Account Wizard

New email account screen

To configure Eudora using the step by step account wizard:

  1. Tap Menu.

  2. Tap Options.

  3. Tap New Account.

  4. Tap "Use step by step wizard".

  5. Graffiti your name as you would like it to appear in the "From:" line of your outgoing mail, tap Next.

  6. Graffiti your email address assigned to you by your ISP, tap Next.

  7. Graffiti your user name to log into this account, tap Next.

  8. Graffiti the full name of your Incoming Mail Server, tap Next.

  9. Graffiti the full name of your Outgoing Mail Server, tap Next.

  10. Graffiti an account name. This is for descriptive purposes only and you can enter anything you like, tap Next.

  11. Your account is complete, tap Done to finish.

NOTE: You can tap Prev to go back, Next to go forward or Cancel to quit at any time.

Advanced Wizard

Enter an account description name of your choice

If you want to set up your account quickly:

  1. Tap Menu.

  2. Tap Options.

  3. Tap New Account.

  4. Graffiti a "New Account Name". This is for descriptive purposes only and you can enter anything you like, tap OK.

  5. The Account: window appears. You can quicky enter the information given to you by your ISP in this area. You can configure your Server Options, Sending Options and Security Options.

  6. Tap OK to finish and accept changes.

    Note: You can tap Cancel to quit and not save any changes or Delete to remove other accounts (if any have been set up).

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