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How to Forward Mail (Palm)

Document ID: 2202HQ

Forward New Message Window

Any message can be forwarded to someone else. To forward the current message:

  1. From the bottom of the Message screen, tap Forward.

  2. A new message screen appears with your address, the original subject trailed by "(fwd)," and the original sender's text quoted in the message body starting with

    "---begin forwarded text" and

    "---end forwarded text."

  3. Make any changes you want, and enter the recipient's address in the To: Cc: or Bcc: fields. The message can then be sent or saved for further changes.

  4. Tap Send to queue the forwarded message in the Out mailbox. Tap Save to save the message for further changes. Tap Details to change priority and signature information.

Note: If you forward a message with attachments, the attachments are NOT included.

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