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More Filter Options

Document ID: 2201HQ

Here is a detailed explanation of what the filter actions do. There is also detailed explanations on what each menu works and how it fits into the filter actions.

Match Type Menu Definitions

From the Recipient or Header drop-down list, select an option you want the filter to search.

The selections are as follows:

  • Recipient - Filters based on the recipient of the message; searches all recipient areas including both To: & CC: fields.

  • Sender - Filters based on the From: field.

  • Priority - Filters based on the Priority of a message.

    Note: This option does not work in HotSync mode.

  • Subject - Filters based on the Subject: field.

  • To - Filters based on the To: field.

  • CC - Filters based on the CC: field.

  • Account - Filters based on the account you select.

    Note: This option works great with personalities!

From the Contains drop-down menu, select an option to indicate how the Recipient is matched with the Graffiti you enter in the dotted line field.

The selections are as follows:

  • Contains or Does not Contain - Filters based on whether the Recipient item contains or does not contain Graffiti entered on the dotted line. This option is more flexible than Is or Is Not.

  • Is or Is Not - Filters based on whether the Recipient Is or Is Not exactally the Graffiti entered on the dotted line.

Graffiti on the dotted line to specify the text the filter will search for.

i.e.: If you select Subject and Contain from the drop down menus and Graffiti "computer" on the dotted line, the filter will search for all incoming messages with the word "computer" anywhere in the subject field.

To create a second term, repeat the above using the drop down lists and the dotted line below the Conjunction box.

Conjunction Menu Definitions

Using the Conjunction box, you can link the first two terms, Recipient and Contains with the next two terms Subject and Is Not. "Ignore" is selected by default.

The selections are as follows:

  • and - Matches exactally the first and second terms.

  • or - Matches either the first or second terms.

  • ignore - Ignores the second term; filters based on the first term.

  • unless - If the message matches the first term, filter it unless the message also matches the second term. If the messages matches both terms, don't filter it. (using "unless" lets you exclude certain cariations of the first term. For example, if you wanted to filter all messages with the word "computer" in the subject except those that are from a specific sender.

Filter Action Definitions

Now that you have set up a filter you need to tell it what to do with a message. Choose actions from the bottom of the Filter Configuration screen. Each filter can perform up to three actions. None is the default.

Your options are:

  • None - Just like it says, does nothing. This is the default.

  • Retrieve - Retrieve messages that match this filter from the server.

  • Retrieve Full Message - Retrieve full message from the server even if larger than the number of lines specified.

  • Don't Retrieve - Does not retrieve messages that match this filter from the server. If you've configured Eudora to "retrieve all messages except skipped" in the Filters screen, identify the messages you don't want retrieved by using filters that have the Don't Retrieve action.

    By setting up multiple filters using the Retrieve and Don't Retrieve filter actions, you can streamline the messages you retrieve to those you want to view on the Palm.

  • File In Mailbox - Files messages in a selected mailbox automatically. After you select File In Mailbox, choose or create a mailbox from the drop-down list that appears (the default is "IN").

  • Change Priority - Allows you to change the priority of a message. This will not work with messages that HotSync.

  • Change Account - Lets you change the account to reply to the message.

  • Skip Rest - Skip all remaining filter actions. When set, messages matching this filter are not affected by any subsequent filters.

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