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How to set up mail filters (Palm)

Document ID: 2200HQ

You can set up the Eudora application to automatically organize your incoming messages using filters. Eudora supports the functionality of a single filter or a combination of various filters. Eudora can support over 1000 different filter combinations.

Filters can be used both via HotSynch® and network download.

Filters are mainly used for two things:

  1. To select which messages to retrieve from the server.

  2. To move messages into mailboxes automatically.

Getting Started with Filters

From the Eudora application on your Palm:

  • Tap on the MENU button.

  • Tap Options.

  • Tap Filters.

If you use shortcuts, use Command Stroke F

The Filters Window

From this window you can choose the type of filtering that is convenient for you.

If you plan to retrieve most of your mail on your Palm device, tap Retrieve all except skipped box. When checked, all messages are retrieved by the Palm except those you have filtered.

If you are planning to use filters to retrieve only a few messages, tap Retrieve only filtered. When you check this box, the only messages downloaded are those you have filtered.

You can change the Order of your filters by tapping a defined filter and tapping the up or down arrows. Filters are executed in the order listed unless "Skip Rest" is selected.

To Edit, Create or Delete filters, tap the respective button.

To Exit Filters, tap Done

Filter Options

Match & Conjunction Types

Filter Actions

The Filter Configuration Window

After tapping the New button, Filter Configuration window pops up. In this screen there are several drop down lists for you to choose from. Use the top part of the screen to enter the Match Type and Conjunctions. The bottom of the screen is for Filter Actions.

Since the drop down menus do not have specific names, their descriptive names are used in the following steps.

Match Type

Each filter can have one or two terms in its critera match. Each term consists of three things.

  • The Recipients drop down menu defines Message Header.

  • The Contains drop down menu defines what to match in the dotted line area.

  • Graffiti the text in the dotted line area. i.e. such as an email address.


Link Match Type terms together to set up a more advanced filter. If a filter has two terms, they are connected with a conjunction that links the two terms and defines how they work together to filter a message.

Filter Actions

After you enter the match criteria, setup the "Filter Actions". Choose the filter actions from the three drop down lists at the bottom of the Filter Configuration window. "None" is selected by default.

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