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How to Beam a Bookmark (Palm)

Document ID: 2193HQ

EudoraWeb lets you use Palm's infrared beaming function to transfer bookmarks you've selected from your Palm to someone else's Palm device. Through EudoraWeb, you can beam bookmarks from the EudoraWeb application database, bookmark categories or individual bookmarks.

Note: You must disconnect from the network before beaming any bookmarks.

Beam All Bookmarks

To beam ALL the bookmarks in your Palm device's database, from the Bookmarks screen:

  1. Tap Menu.

  2. Tap Options.

  3. Tap Beam Bookmarks, the Beaming Bookmarks dialog box opens.

  4. Tap OK.

EudoraWeb beams all the bookmarks in your list to another Palm device.

After the bookmarks are received by the other Palm device, a dialog box opens, allowing the receiver to accept or reject the bookmarks. If accepted, the receiving Palm device adds the bookmarks to the database and displays in the bookmark list.

Note: If the receiving Palm device is version 3.5 or greater, it prompts the receiving user to select the bookmark category in which to place the received bookmarks.

Beam a Category of Bookmarks

To beam bookmarks by category to another Palm device, from the Bookmarks drop-down menu, tap the category you want to beam.

  1. Tap Menu.

  2. Tap Options.

  3. Tap Beam Bookmarks. The Beaming Bookmarks dialog box opens.

  4. Tap OK. EudoraWeb beams the bookmarks in the chosen category to another Palm device.

If there are no bookmarks in the category, an error message appears. If there are one or more bookmarks in the category, a confirmation message appears.

Tap OK to complete the beam or Cancel to quit.

Beam One Bookmark

To beam an individual bookmark to another Palm, in the Bookmarks screen:

  1. Tap for the bookmark you want to beam, The Bookmarks Detail dialog box screen opens.

  2. Tap Beam to transfer that bookmark to another Palm device.

Note: If you are connected to the network, the EudoraWeb beaming function may not work due to a current Palm limitation on the serial port. If you are unable to beam bookmarks and receive a message from EudoraWeb stating "Unable to initialize library," just disconnect from the network, beam your bookmarks, and reconnect to the network. Alternatively, you can do all your beaming tasks when not connected to the network.


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