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"MailingList Error -43" or "Mailing List error -120"

Document ID: 2158HQ


I'm getting errors such as "MailingList Error -43" or "Mailing List error -120"


This error is usually the result of a mailing list that is incorrectly configured. When you have a "User" in EIMS whose mail action is "Mailing List", you need to specify the path to that text file in the text field below the "Mail Action:" menu.

For example, let's say you have a mailing list you have called "customers", which is stored in a text file called "customers". As an example, the path would need to read:

Hard Disk:EIMS Folder:list folder:customers

The above example assumes you are storing your text file "Customers" in a folder called "list folder" in a folder called "EIMS Folder" on a disk called "Hard Disk". You can put your lists anywhere you'd like, but they do need to be specified as indicated above.


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