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Configuring Clients To Work With Multiple Domains

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How do I configure clients to work with multiple domains in EIMS?


EIMS 2.x provides 2 distinctly different ways to deal with multiple domains. The first is called domain aliases, the second is using a distinct secondary domain. The main difference between the two, within EIMS, is the way mail is stored and accessed.

Say, for example, you are hosting the mail for and want people to be able to write to jdoe at other products of the Coca-Cola Company like Sprite and Fanta, yet want a user "jdoe" to only have one account to check.

If we were to set up ALIAS domains of and for our primary domain, mail addressed to a user "jdoe" at any of those domains (,, would end up in the same account in the domain.

If, on the other hand, we set up distinct domains (NOT alias domains) for, and, mail addressed to "" would NOT be placed in the same account as mail addressed to "" or "".

The advantage here is that all the users "jdoe" can be different people. This is quite handy when you need to be able to assign generic addresses like "", "" and "" and have them go to three different people.

Another way to look at this is:

ALIAS DOMAINS: is the same user as jdoe@sprite com is the same user as

DISTINCT DOMAINS: is NOT the same user as is NOT the same user as

Configuring Email Clients

  • Eudora 5.x or 4.x

  • Older Versions of Eudora

  • Netscape

  • Claris emailer

For these examples, the primary domain for the server is and we are hosting a second domain called The user for this example is "jdoe".

In Eudora, the POP account should read:

Example: (Eudora 5.x or 4.x)

Example: (Older versions of Eudora)

Example: Netscape

The Pop user ID should be:

The Incoming Mail (POP) Server name should be:

Example: Claris

There are known issues with Claris emailer. When checking a properly configured email account (e.g.,, the user will receive the following error:

**Could not check messages because either the domain name or the username of your email account is blank. The email account should be of the form

This is a bug in Claris emailer. By default, emailer uses the POP account as the SMTP MAIL FROM address. You can fix this by installing the Emailer Custom Settings Resource.


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