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Creating and Configuring Additional Domains

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How do I create and configure additional domains?


The EIMS Server can handle mail for one domain or multiple domains. In most situations, an organization configures only a single domain on each server. However, if the organization is an ISP, for example, the server may be configured to handle mail for multiple domains.

The EIMS Server is automatically configured to support a single domain which is the same name as the hostname as listed in the DNS. If necessary, you can add any additional domains after installation. Mail users can be added as members of the additional domains you configure, and all mail should be addressed to them at this domain.

Important. Before assigning the server to multiple domains, ensure that the appropriate entries are made in DNS to support the domains.

For example, a company named EUDORA is a service provider for two different companies: HANDYHAL and TELCOR.

The domain name was automatically assigned when the EIMS server was launched because the machine hosting the EIMS server is named host in the domain

For example, add the following domains for these organizations:



To do this, follow the steps listed below:

  1. Make sure the domains are registered in the DNS server. Please consult your DNS documentation for information.

  2. Start the EIMS Admin tool and log into the EIMS Server.

  3. From the Domains menu, choose New Domain. The New Domain dialog box is displayed.

  4. Enter the new domain name, for example,

  5. Click OK. The Users & Groups for the new domain are displayed. The server's owner and Postmaster accounts are automatically created.

  6. Repeat steps 3 through 5 to add additional domains.

NOTE: Additional configuration for each supported domain on the server can also be performed.

Domain Aliases

Domain aliases are other domain names that can be used as aliases for the domains that are supported by the EIMS Server. For example, a company with the domain name WIDGETS.COM may also want to use the domain name PARTS.COM but not have to specify user accounts for each employee in both domains. By specifying a domain alias, is the same user as E-mail could be sent to either address, and it is delivered to the same person's mailbox.


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